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About Us

Providing handcrafted solutions since 2016

John M. Vieira is the owner of Elite Autosports LLC, since April 2016. John provides customers with solutions for automotive, marine, and motorcycle customizations according to their personal or professional preferences.

John has been an electronics enthusiast for over 30 years and has also been working in the installer/modifier industry since 1994. His interests in this industry first ignited in high school at North Shore Technical School. John tore apart many of cars, only to rebuild them in his own driveway with better sound, style, look, and feel. John has had great passion in modifying any item in accordance to quickly evolving industry trends and styles with cars, boats, and motorcycles.

John Vieira makes his customer’s vision a reality when it comes to making a modification to any type of transportation.


John with the Gloucester Police Fishbox Derby Car after completing some modifications.

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